12 April 2008

Think Positive

Being back is hard. Harder than I thought.
Difficult to explain. I'm not really back.
I have many clichés that you would enjoy about Costa Rica :the beaches, the surfers, the weather, the monkeys, the iguanas, the mango, Pura Vida...

I just saw people there from my own family.They are living a great life...they did from day one I would say. They managed to live and work, loving what they do. They raised four kids as freely as possible and the grown-up kids are healthy, balanced, successful, beautiful.

We left, they all stayed there. In their beautiful wood house by the waves, the mango trees, the monkeys, Pura Vida...

I want the dust, the bad roads, the Spanish language that I'm far from mastering...

The sad part (and boosting one) is if I don't do it myself, it's only my fault. It's possible. If I don't sleep on it. Food for thought.

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